L’Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator with 3 Jerky Spices

L-EQUIP-FilterPro-Food-DehydratorMaker: L’Equip
Rating: 4.5 Stars
MSRP: $154.99 On Sale Now!
# of Standard Trays: 6
Wattage: 535

Do you like to buy dried fruits, fruit leather or jerky, but hate paying high prices? Create your own with the FilterPro Dehydrator. Purchase fruits in-season for substantial savings and to create your own dried snacks like trail mix, or puree and create your own fruit leather. Moms can rest assured that they are giving their children the purest, freshest ingredients without fillers and preservatives. Use lean cuts of meat and your imagination to create flavorful jerky’s-the flavor combination possibilities are endless. You can even create your own potpourri. Clean filtered air dries your food uniformly and consistently. Variable temperature control gives precise results every time. Easy to use and to clean, you can stack up to 6 trays giving you up to 24 feet of drying space.

LED time and temperature display; precise temperature control 95-156; yogurt accessory; cord storage; 24 hour auto-shut off timer; 535 watts. Snacks served using the FilterPro Dehydrator will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Includes 2 fruit leather trays, 6 mesh screens & a Variety 3-Pack of Jerky Spices. These Jerky Spices & Dehydrator sell other places online for $169.98!

  • Includes Cabo, Cowboy and Teriyaki Jerky Spices. (5 oz each)
  • Micro-processor controlled heat sensor for stable drying environment dries food uniformly and consistently
  • Patent-pending air filtration system creates clean, filtered air for drying your food
  • Features LED time and temperature display; precise temperature control 95-156 degrees; yogurt accessory; cord storage; 24 hour auto-shut off timer; includes 2 fruit leather trays and 6 mesh screens
  • 535 Watt, programmable, variable temperature dehydrator with 6 stackable trays and up to 24 feet of drying space allowing you to create your own dried fruits, leathers, and jerky for quality, inexpensive snacks. (10 Year Warranty)

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