Bargain Priced Fruit Dehydrators

Ronco FD1005WHGEN 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Ronco-FD1005WHGEN-5-Tray-Electric-Food-DehydratorMaker: Ronco
Rating: 2.8 Stars
MSRP: $49.99
# of Standard Trays: 5
Wattage: 125

Save money and time by creating your own healthy or low carb snacks quickly and easily at home with the Ronco FD1005WHGEN 5-tray food dehydrator. It’s a snap to whip up a batch of beef or turkey jerky, banana, pineapple or apple snacks, dried vegetables or herbs, homemade yogurt – or so much more. The included instructional booklet tells you how.

  • 125-watt food dehydrator with 5 interchangeable trays
  • Electrical heating coils produce convection air flow for evenly dried food
  • Internal operating temperature of up to 133 degrees F; quiet operation
  • Instructional booklet with recipes included; made in the USA
  • Measures 13 by 13 by 12-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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Nesco FD-39 Food Dehydrator

Nesco-FD-39-500-Watt-Food-DehydratorMaker: Nesco
Rating: 3.3 Stars
MSRP: $49.99
# of Standard Trays: 4 (expandable)
Wattage: 500

Radial air fan flow eliminates the need to rotate trays. Nesco American Harvest makes the fastest food dehydrators out there. With 500 ways of power and a top mounted power head food dries in hours, not days. Comes with 4 trays. Has fixed temperature setting for easy operation. Trays are clear so you can monitor the drying process and includes a full detailed instruction manual.

  • Easy-to-use food dehydrator dries food in hours instead of days
  • 500-watt 4-inch fan; top-mounted power head; fixed temperature setting
  • Radial-air Fan-Flow technology for fast, even results; no tray rotation necessary
  • 4 break-resistant dishwasher-safe trays included; expandable, transparent design
  • Measures approximately 13-8/9 by 13-4/5 by 9-2/3 inches

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Nesco American Harvest FD-37 Food Dehydrator

Nesco-FD-37A-American-Harvest-Food-DehydratorMaker: Nesco
Rating: 4.3 Stars
MSRP: $48.99
# of Standard Trays: 4 (expandable to 7)
Wattage: 400

Now you can save money by making your own jerky, dried fruits, vegetable, trail mix and more. It means that you are not buying those foods in-store, with packages that end up in the landfills. That is sustainability and no wonder the powerful Ensco/American Harvest dehydrators are called the “Green” machines. Ensco builds the World’s Fastest, Most Even Drying Dehydrators. The Ensco American Harvest FD-37 4-tray Food Dehydrator is 400 Watts of drying power to dry foods quickly and evenly for quality dehydrated fruits, vegetables and jerky. The temperature is preset at 160 degrees to dry everything from herbs and spices to jerky meats.

Make your own snacks that are natural, healthier, better tasting, better for you and it costs less than similar type store bought snacks. Fan Flow Radial Air dries all trays evenly without the need to rotate the trays. Features a clear top to monitor the drying process and includes plastic side clips to secure the dehydrator trays for easy transporting and storage. Dries in hours, not days with no flavor mixing and no need to rotate trays. The FD-37 is packed with 4 trays and base and all components are dishwasher safe except the power head. Expandable to 7 trays by purchasing trays WT-2SG.

  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • 400-watts of drying power
  • Expandable to 7 trays
  • Clear top to monitor the drying process
  • Fan forced radial air flow means no tray rotation needed
  • All components dishwasher safe except the power head

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Nesco American Harvest FD-35 Snackmaster Dehydrator

Nesco-American-Harvest-5-Tray-425-Watt-Snackmaster-DehydratorMaker: Nesco
Rating: 4.0 Stars
MSRP: $43.99
# of Standard Trays: 5 (expandable to 7)
Wattage: 425

This unit features Nesco American Harvest’s innovative Top Mounted Powerhead that dries food quickly and evenly with superior results Detaches to make dehydrator dishwasher safe for easy clean up Fan-Flow Technology means faster more even drying with no tray rotation necessary Perfect for the beginner Make great tasting beef jerky or venison jerky

  • 425 watts of power dries foods, flowers quickly and evenly
  • Use for fruits, vegetables, herbs, jerky, granola
  • Dehydrate meals for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities
  • Patented system generates fast, even drying
  • Includes five trays; expands to seven trays with accessory pack

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Aroma AFD-615 5 Tray Food Dehydrator

Aroma-AFD-615-5-Tray-Food-DehydratorMaker: Aroma
Rating: 3.5 Stars
MSRP: $43.04
# of Standard Trays: 5 (expandable)

Perfect for everyone from outdoor hobbyists to the health-conscious, this dehydrator is designed for efficient, even drying. It handles everything from fruit slices to beef jerky on five spacious, height adjustable trays. It’s equipped with an electric fan and automatically rotating trays that spin in both directions, and was designed to prevent the overheating that eliminates food’s vital nutrients. The clear vented lid controls moisture and lets you monitor the process without disruption. Includes 5 stackable rotating trays, fruit leather sheet, drying screen and instructional cookbook.

  • Automatic, reversible revolving trays for fast, even drying
  • Vented lid for moisture control
  • Drip protection
  • Dries fruits and vegetables for nutritious snacks
  • Makes a variety of beef jerky, herbs and spices – even potpourri

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