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Solar Food Dehydrator – Sunkeep, Trays Kit

Solar-Food-Dehydrator-Sunkeep-Trays-KitMaker: Sunkeep
MSRP: $79.99
# of Standard Trays: 16
Wattage: – (solar)

Sunkeep makes an excellent food dehydrator. It requires no electricity, makes no noise, and does not take up room in your kitchen. Maintains temperatures optimal for dehydrating all types of food – fruits, vegetables, meats, and herbs. Made of premium, high quality materials for long life. Made of premium, high quality materials for long life. Uses non-phthalate formula marine grade heavy gauge vinyls. Unique four sided absorber design allows for even solar heating all through the day. Fresh air circulates through the drying trays for fast drying – about the same amount of time as an electric dryer.

Trays can be used to make fruit leather. Wire shelving (48H x 48W x 14D) has 4 shelves and can be used for storing your dried food after dehydration. Sunkeep Food Dehydrator cover (Kilncover) can be folded away for storage when not in use. The Kilncover can also be used to kiln dry firewood. Comes with 18.4 square feet of drying space, expansion kit available to provide a total of 36.8 square feet of drying space ***IMPORTANT*** – ***Be sure to add the shelves and Kilncover which come discounted with this item to complete the Sunkeep Solar Dehydrator***

  • Dehydrates using only solar power! No electricity required.
  • Dehydrates fruits, vegetables, meats, and herbs
  • Maintains temperatures, and can be adjusted, between 90 and 160 F
  • Includes 16 trays (18.4 square feet of drying space), 16 FDA food contact approved mesh sheets and thermometer

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